Daffodil day 2019 Cloverhill Prison

Cloverhill staff celebrated Daffodil Day on Thursday 21st March and Friday 22nd March in collaboration with the PE teacher Caitriona McGrath and Nursing Staff: Rosie Gately, Gill McRedmond, Sangeeta Battise and Sean Monahan.

Health checks were available to all grades of staff, governors, teachers, PSEC staff, counsellors and chaplains at lunch times. A cancer awareness information booth was set up in the staff canteen with plenty of information leaflets and posters. Free fruit was provided by Assistant Governor Tracey for all staff on both days.

Staff were offered a blood pressure check, pulse check and a random cholesterol check.  120 staff over two lunch times took up this opportunity. Staff were afforded after care supported by Dr. Moola for fasting blood tests. 13 staff were followed up on Tuesday March 26th.  This campaign highlighted some risk factors for cancer and other NCDs. It also encouraged conversations amongst staff about cancer, health and diet in general. This was greatly received by staff. Daffodil pins were on sale throughout the prison as well as a donation box.

The inmates of Cloverhill completed a 5km fun run in the yard on Friday March 22nd collecting donations from their peers. The inmates also had an opportunity to attend a cancer awareness information session in the school on Friday afternoon. This was a follow on from a successful campaign ran last year. ACNO Gately provided the inmates with knowledge around different cancers, different risk factors and most importantly how to check themselves. Each cell received a leaflet showing diagrams of how to check themselves and further information about cancer. This campaign was supported greatly by the current Red Cross volunteers in Cloverhill.