TG4 Visual Artists in Prison Scheme

Below is a blogpost and interview (as gaeilge) by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

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I thought that I’d have more time but, in prison, there’s a lot of waiting around – waiting for doors to be unlocked, waiting for people to show up, waiting for decisions, waiting for permission, but my stint of teaching art in prison has come to an end for the mo and I’m back here in what’s generally known as ‘the real world’.

But oh, tá mé traochta anois – it was tiring in there but I think that it’s a good thing to do. It’s an Arts Council scheme that affords opportunities for artists to work with prisoners and their art teachers. This time we were working on a project to make artworks for a major exhibition next year, an exhibition of art from all the prisons, entitled “Humans sharing Spaces”.

A while ago I was interviewed by Sprocket films for Dúiche, a television programme on TG4 about working in prisons so I thought I’d show the clip here today. It’s just a short clip, if you can’t see it below here, you should click into the blog itself…